Hello World.

Pine Beta is released for early signups

Hello World.

Hello and welcome! My name is Henrikas, I'm a full-time software engineer at Wix and a part-time indie maker. Pine is a side-project that I've been developing for close to two years now.

At this point the app is very close to being released, hence this blog post. Today I've deployed this public page with an early signup form.

It's the very first thing that is officially live and open to the public.

Ok ok, but what is this Pine thing?

Pine is an online personal journal. It's designed to work as your todo-list app, notes app, bookmarks app and habit-tracking app all in one place. The goal is to strike a good balance between simple and powerful.

I kept finding myself using a combination of apps for what is essentially one problem - keep my stuff organized. When working on some project, I'd have to write down important information in one app, track tasks in another and organize bookmarks in yet another app.

When trying to build a new habit, I'd use a habit-tracking app. But again, all research gathered around that habit would be kept in some other place.

Furthermore, Silicon Valley is feature hungry. Too often your favorite apps become too big, too bloated, too slow and complex. Pine takes a stance against that. It's a one-man operation that will place simplicity and clarity above bells and whistles.

Check out this blog post to get an idea of what kinds of features you'll find.

When will I be able to use it?

The early Beta version should be open in a few weeks. After that Pine should stay in Beta for around a month before the official release. Keeping deadlines can be hard, but version 1 is definitely around the corner

I have ideas, bug reports or just want to get in touch.

I'm more than happy to chat!
Pine is a niche product that will focus on what its users ask for.
Catch me on twitter or send an email to [email protected]