Your personal journal.

Keep notes, write prose, track tasks.
Organize your life.
All in one beautiful app.

Pine is Everywhere.

Pine is a responsive web app. Use it anywhere with just your browser!
Don't like web apps? Don't worry, dedicated apps for Mac, iOS, and Android are coming soon!

Pine, Responsive productivity Web App

Write with Pine.

Pine notes are simple to use, elegant and powerful.
Simple yet powerful

Pine Notes are simple enough for quick memos, yet powerful enough to write a novel.

Version control

Save a version of your work at any point in time. Never lose it.

Share your notes

Pine lets you share your notes with a simple weblink. Get your writing online with a single click, keep it updated automatically.

Check off your work with Pine.

Your todo list always nearby
Pine Todos are everything you hope they'd be.

Dates, recurrences, colored labels, tags, comments, smart parsing, they have the lot!

Share your progress

Keep your friends updated, share your project's to-do list with everyone involved, they'll see the progress live

Pine, Task Manager, Todo App

Do much more with Pine.

Organize in Space and Time
Organize in Space and Time

Use Tags to organize your work by type. All your work is recorded in a timeline so that you could see what you did in the past and what you'll need to do today and in the future

Bookmark websites

Keep the links you want to bookmark together with your projects.

Pine, Organizer, Productivity web app

Pine is made with Love.

Hi! My name is Henrikas and I'm not an evil corporation.
Pine does not deal with the needs of investors, boards or marketing people.
The only thing that matters is your opinion.

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